Planting the Seeds of

Result Research

Here are a few of our philosophies for a better understanding of agriMeasures.

  • The highest yield for any crop is already established in the seed before planting.  It is therefore the multitude of stresses that the plant experiences during its life cycle that reduces the yield.  These stresses can be soil conditions, climate, nutrient availability, soil water to soil oxygen levels, insects, weeds, as well as other factors.

  • Plants portion their available energy.  The better we reduce stress the more energy is available for reproduction.

  • Roots do more than just take up water and nutrients.  Digging up and finding roots does not mean this is where the plant is extracting water.  Roots are storage facilities, hormone factories, and shockingly, can measure the water in the soil and portion its use to assure the plant has enough water to reproduce.   Reducing water to make roots go deep is in complete conflict with the plant’s DNA. 

  • Plants only take up water they need.  A false belief is if water is present and the sun is shining the plant is transpiring water whether it needs it or not. 

  • Adding fertilizer makes yield.  Just a reminder that plants only get their nutrient through the water.  Along with this, fertilizer does not stay where you put it.  We all know about leaching, but what about diffusion, The Law of Equilibrium. 

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