Truthfully our approach is more of a Irrigation College. It is agriMeasures’ hope that at the end of 4 years we have successfully trained you on installing probes and data interpretation. Think of agriMeasures as offering a 4-year college program on water and nutrient management using data collection. The major requirement is attending weekly webinars so a hands on learning process is done with your data and input. You have alot riding on your harvest, so all management decisions are arrived by discussions with you and incorporating your current practices. Along the way, during these 4 years you will learn how to determine where in the ground the roots are most active and at what moisture levels plants are the most active. Then learn to keep the soil water balanced at those points. The finial phase is understanding how fertilizers are being affected by management practices and how to make changes so you can affect them positiveley. At the end of 4 years you can opt to purchase the equipment or continue to leases ours, also agriMeasures will continue host your data, without weekly webinars if you so choose, but we will gladly continue if you still want the support.

Irrigation Management

This is confusing, but we can help!

Suffering from data overload?

The downside to a technologically rich world is information is so plentiful it is easy to ignore some of it to make our day more manageable. We do have to confess that we are biased that the most important thing to your crops' future is water, so to get the most out of it, we offer our Irrigation Management Service.

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